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Joint issue of Country Hills and Eagle Ridge Schools

Joint issue of Country Hills and Eagle Ridge Schools Open Forum Gives Overwhelming Support For Current Configuration… AGAIN!!

December 3rd SAF meeting brings out our community in large numbers

     Over 200 members of the Country Hills and Eagle Ridge community came together on December 3rd in the Eagle Ridge cafeteria.  The agenda was to discuss boundary scenarios proposed for the two schools to change their current grade configuration levels.  The scenario proposed would eliminate the sixth grade option to our students at ER and send them to middle school.  The third grade would then be moved from CHE to ER.  This would leave CHE with grades  K-2 and ER with grades 3-5.     The group quickly agreed upon on a unified decision.  Their desire to keep our current configuration came through loud and clear.  A sea of hands was raised as one parent questioned everyone’s satisfaction level.  She then called for a plan of action to communicate their needs to the Broward County School Board.

   The group decided to submit an alternative scenario to the Student Choice/School Boundaries department and follow up with letters and phone calls from as many community members as possible.

Let your opinion be known!

The department of Student Choice/School Boundaries will host a community presentation of the scenarios and open forum.  The purpose of this meeting is to share the pros and cons of each scenario with the public.  Each community will also be given time to share their views.  Let your views be part of the decision making process!  Stay involved with  your child’s education.

Where:  Piper High School - Sunrise

(44th St. between University Dr. and Pine Isl. Rd)

When: Saturday – December 8, 2001

11:00am till 12:30 pm

Proposed boundaries for LL were sources for much discussion

     Our community reviewed the three scenarios proposed by the department of Student Choice/School Boundaries.  Scenario #1 sends all of our community to the new middle school LL.  In scenario #2 our community would attend Coral Springs Middle School.  Scenario #3 splits our community and sends some of our students to LL and others to CSM.  Although some support was shown for all three scenarios, number 1 received the greatest support form the group.  

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