Here’s Where You Can Learn More About the Broward County School District’s Boundary Process and How it Affects Country Hills and Eagle Ridge Elementary Schools


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Latest News

December 17, 2001

A public boundaries workshop was held Saturday, December 8, with the Broward County community and school district staff. Many eloquent parents and school staff from Country Hills and Eagle Ridge spoke against grade reconfiguration. A school district demographer, Tom Moore, said that although staff was asked to look at the impact of grade reconfiguration, this does not mean that it will happen. Our voice came through loud and clear.

There was also a large contingent of parents and community leaders from Parkland who spoke for having all Parkland children go to LL. Several Coral Springs speakers addressed the LL boundary issue and said that the Country Hills and Eagle Ridge communities should not be split between two middle schools.

The next official step in the boundary process is January 8, 2002 when district staff meet with the School Board to discuss the scenarios and community input.


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How to Give Input to the Boundary Process

There are several email addresses you can use to provide your input to the boundary process:

Boundary Office email for input
Email address of all school board members

You can also contact the School Board by land mail or fax. See information below.

Boundary Process Information

Information about the Boundary Process can be found at a variety of web pages on the District’s web site. There doesn't appear to be one central location for all of the boundary information. That is why we created this web site.

Main Broward Schools Web Site

Boundary Office Home Page

Boundary Proposal Page
Describes the boundary proposal process, but you still need to go to the Main Boundary Process Page below to get needed documents!

Main Boundary Process Page
Contains useful documents and information, but some of the contents are outdated. Go to the Boundary Proposal Page above to get up-to-date information.

Middle School LL Boundary Page – includes maps and data tables.

Master Map Site -- includes TAZ map and boundaries for all schools.

Boundary Process Timeline


School District Contact Information

The School Board members currently representing Coral Springs are:

At-Large members represent all of Broward Country:

Important FAX and phone numbers – includes Dr. Till and your School Board

School Board email address

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