Business automation - Latite roofing
A South Florida roofing company has a complex method of payroll for some of their workers, which involved a day and a half of manual work to calculate, every week. They had no commercial off-the-shelf solution available, so they called Salient.

We were able to carefully elicit the requirements of the project, and quickly assemble open-source components along with customization that we provided to create a comprehensive system to automate their work. After our solution was deployed, the weekly time they spent calculating payroll dropped from 12+ hours to about 1 hour. The system developed by Salient integrated into their existing off-the-shelf payroll system, so there was no duplication of data or labor.

Complex Web site back end - Luminant Worldwide
Luminant Worldwide creates sophisticated web sites for Fortune 500 companies. They needed Unix® expertise to build a web site of indexed streaming video. Construction of this project involved the integration of Virage ® video indexing software, Oracle®, SolarisTM, IBM HTTPServer, WebSphere Application ServerTM, and AutonomyTM. Salient placed a senior engineer on this project to handle the areas where Luminant did not have experience readily available.

Salient was involved in the prototype, the product design, consulting with the end customer, and coordination of the development process. Using our abilities, Luminant was able to complete the back end of this project on schedule.

The Technical Architect for the project was so pleased with our work that he volunteered to write a letter of reference, which you may view on line by clicking the link.

Security Incident - a local telecom company
One satisfied customer of Salient is a consulting company for the telecommunications industry. One Thursday, they found themselves in a predicament that no company wants to be in. An ex-employee was making credible threats about being able to attack their network, and they had no firewall protection. They unplugged their Internet connection and called Salient.

Salient placed two senior engineers on site within 24 hours. We were able to find spare hardware on the site, configure it, and install a Cyberguard firewall on that platform, the most secure firewall available. We reconfigured their network, configured the firewall, and re-established their Internet connection. We also shut down their vulnerabilities to Trojan Horse attacks.

Salient worked late into the night with police escort on site. Because of our expertise and quick response, the customer was only without an Internet connection for one business day.

Project acceleration - Cyberguard Corporation
Cyberguard is a provider of the most secure firewall in the industry. Their product is technically advanced and requires extreme reliability. When Cyberguard needed a particular project to move ahead, they called Salient.

We placed three senior engineers to jumpstart a project that had a very demanding schedule. We quickly came up to speed on the technology and got the project on track.

After several months, Cyberguard was able to hire the personnel needed to staff the project, and Salient successfully transitioned the project to the new employees.

Subcontracting Skillsets - Keane
Keane, Inc. called us when they got a large service level contract with a well-known Fortune 500 company. They had most of the project staffed, but they needed someone with Unix® and cluster experience, which is very difficult to find.

Fortunately for Keane, Salient had the expertise available to meet and exceed the need they had. Our engineer came up to speed on a complex environment for which the documentation had been lost. He quickly became one of the key members on the Keane team.

The end customer was particularly pleased with the way we were able to bring hidden problems to surface and avoid a serious breakdown that was eminent in the system, and The Principle Consultant for the project sent us a letter of recommendation. Without the skills from Salient, this problem would have been deployed into the field and caused an expensive customer incident.

Quick Expertise - EMC
EMC called us when they needed some very specific work to be done for one of their customers. They had a short-term need for some difficult Unix® kernel work.

Salient was able to immediately place a senior engineer on the project and bring multiple outstanding issues to closure in about six weeks. All of the outstanding problems assigned were brought under control and the resulting work was gracefully transitioned to EMC staff engineers.

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